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At Burak Jacobson, we specialize in crafting research solutions tailored to address specific business challenges. Our philosophy centers on the idea that a deep understanding of your business challenge should always precede methodological consideration. This ensures that every research project we undertake is strategically aligned with your business objectives from the start. 


Rooted in Understanding Business Challenges


Our approach begins with a deep dive into identifying and articulating the business challenge at hand. We believe that a crystal clear understanding of the underlying need for research is critical to the success of any project. Good research is much more than just collecting data; it’s about enabling informed decision-making that drives your business forward.


Comprehensive Insight Solutions Framework


Our framework is designed to help you understand where you are and how to navigate through the insight lifecycle.

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Discover & Understand
1) What are the opportunities for my brand?
2) What problems can I help solve for my customers?
Explore & Assess
1) How can I take advantage of key opportunities?
2) Which of my ideas are worth pursuing?
Measure & Improve
1) How are we performing in the market and why?
2) What should I change to improve my performance?
Test & Optimize
1) How likely are my ideas to succeed with my target?
2) What can I change to increase my chances for success?
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