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Burak Jacobson is a team of research consultants who decode how people think, feel and make decisions. We partner with brands worldwide to diagnose their challenges and execute research that influences strategy and empowers the design of superior products, services and marketing. At the end of the day, we believe insights are only valuable if they inspire action and so our success criteria for every project is driving positive change. If this resonates with you, Burak Jacobson might be a good fit!


Research & Insights Specialist – Toronto

Burak Jacobson is looking for a qualified Research & Insights Specialist to join the firm and support the design, execution and analysis of research across multiple industries. But that’s not all – we’re looking for someone who thinks critically and brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to our board room table.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Supporting business development in partnership with senior staff
    • Diagnosing the information needs of clients through briefs and discussions
    • Designing custom research solutions to fulfill client objectives
    • Presenting our recommended solution in a clear, compelling, visually aesthetic manner
  • Designing and executing quantitative research studies
    • Drafting questionnaires that will fulfill the research objectives
    • Creating detailed sample plans to ensure sample composition is on target
    • Partnering and managing 3rd parties (e.g. panel providers)
    • Managing all aspects of project fieldwork
  • Analyzing data and summarizing key findings
    • Detailed analysis of research data
    • Creating compelling stories, focusing on the “so what” and recommended actions
    • Building inspiring report and presentation documents that tell your story
  • Monitoring the market research landscape
    • Keeping a finger on the pulse of our industry
    • Identifying market opportunities for our firm

Skills and experience to succeed:

  • Team player who respects colleagues & clients, yet isn’t afraid to voice their opinion with candor
  • 3+ years experience in the market research industry
    • Either client or supplier side (both certainly considered an advantage)
  • Proven track record of turning data into impactful insights
  • Ability to multi-task, working on several projects at the same time without sacrificing on quality
  • Strong data visualization and infographic skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivated; goes beyond the required tasks and finds new opportunities to elevate the firm.


If you’re interest in this role, please contact Rick Lempera: